Getting the dosing "right" is actually very easy on a solution feeder. The worst case is that you may slightly overdose but the gac tank will take care of that. The pellet feeders will dose some large amounts of chlorine intermittently when water is not flowing, the water will sit in the feeder and the chlorine level will go very high but the contact tank will dilute that out and even so the gac will easily handle very high doses of chlorine. and as stated before, the strange trolling that goes on here is tired and old. The water motor style dosers give consistent dosing regardless of flow rate. 7% hydrogen peroxide is fairly safe to work with. 35 & 50% should only be used in commercial applications, never residential. I look forward to hearing how the system works out for you. And... Most of the real professionals on this site recommend against iron removal with a softener. I agree with them. It works, it is not the best solution. Advancements in technology have made iron removal simple, cheap, and efficient.