On my 1966 Eljer 3 valve tub assembly, the distance from the centerline of the valve to the front of the tile is 2 5/8".

The diverter valve is broken off inside it, so the whole thing needs to be replaced.

I bought a Price Pfister, but its not nearly long enough; only about 1 5/8" from C/L to the back of the threads for the chrome bezel. So won't clear the wall enough to screw the bezel on.

So what brand will be long enough? Hard to find dimensional drawings on the Web, the consumer pictures only show the trim.

I really don't want to have to set the valve forwards; not only would it require installing elbows, but I would have to cut all the way through a 2x4, and then sister around the obstruction it to keep the supported.

Also, I want a brand that I can use a traditional bibb having a bibb seat and bibb washer; the well brings up grit and I think a ceramic type will get ruined, and they are expensive to replace.