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Thread: Tub drain Venting

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    Default Tub drain Venting

    OK. I have a late 1800's I moved that was gutted. I am almost done with the bathroom/laundry room except for plumbing the tub drain and vent. Please see attached pictures. What would be the best or correct way of plumbing this. I am sure it is fairly simple but at the same time I can't find anything on line or in books of doing it this way. Can you vent the tub before the tub drains into the drain line? Both walls that the tub touch are exterior. If possible I would like to run the vent on the exterior of the wall. Under Louisiana plumbing code. I am aiming for minimal vertical height with this as I have barely enough vertical clearance to maintain the drain line slope and clear a girder that I must pass over before reaching the main line

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