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Thread: Do you have CFBD or CFBP Disorder , Many do ?

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    Default Do you have CFBD or CFBP Disorder , Many do ?

    Do you have Compulsive FaceBook Disorder ?

    CFBD ?

    The new National book for diseases came out recently.

    FaceBook is a Big problem for a lot of people.

    Save your marriage by blocking FaceBook from your computer.

    Block You or Your spouse from making Compulsive FaceBook Post.

    Get rid of CFBD and CFBP before you get hooked and are in the %20 percent of people that have FB addiction. Get rid of Partner Hardship , before it is a problem.

    Even if you are not a FB member, You should Block FB from probing you, and sharing your address book.

    Http://WinForce.Net is a good place to start, if you want to Block Internet Cooties.
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