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Thread: Is this done correctly? (Picture)

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    Default Is this done correctly? (Picture)

    I'm just curious if the pressure relief valve can be run the way it's being run? I'm in TX if that helps, no idea what code we use here off hand

    Just asking because I thought it had to be a rigid line.

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    It would not pass inspection here because;
    1. It is not rigid pipe
    2. It has a "rise" between the valve and where it turns downward
    3. It is NOT a full 3/4" i.d. as required by code.
    4. If that is PVC pipe it is NOT permitted for "hot water" and if the valve ever discharged, the water would be beyond "hot", almost steaming, and if it is CPVC then it is also NOT full size i.d.
    5. We cannot even use 3 /4" "flexible copper" connectors because the "ridges" reduce the i.d. to less than full size.
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    I think the simplest way to correct this is to use 2 pieces of 3/4" galvanized pipe and an elbow. Big Box stores have short lengths of pipe available, and exact lengths are not needed.
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