Good Morning,

Finally got the drains and vents in. Please tell me if they look ok. For the record, I didn't hack up the joists, that's what I found when I opened the floor. I'm trying to strengthen them as much as possible. Where some of the cuts are, the joists are resting on load bearing walls, so it's not as bad as it looks.

I'm concerned about the shower, the vent is prior to the waste taking a turn to go downstairs, is that ok? Seems that's the only thing that can work here. I left the pipe coming up through the floor a bit long so I could cut it to the proper length once I have my foor in and drain in hand.

this is the shower back to vent and then the drain at the Wye
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This is the Wye
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This is the drain for the vanity
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This is the vent for the vanity
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Thanks in advance for any input.