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Thread: Champion tank to bowl seating

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    Default Champion tank to bowl seating

    Add my name to the many postings about the tank on the Champion moving a quater to half inch forward and backward. Do we have to live with this?

    I bought a deep socket to tighten the bolts, but will someone please tell me how much it too much? Until something breaks or the tank quits moving, whichever occurs first? How do you know when something is about to break or is there any way to tell when to quit turning the bolts?

    I am no plumber and know practically nothing, so please point me in the right direction?

    Does someone know how to tell when a tank was made from the stuff etched inside the Mexican Tank? Looks like a bunch of funny numbers to me.

    Thanks for any help


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    I've heard others mention the tank thing on these toilets, however it may be the installer and not the toilet.

    Make sure the rubber gasket is pulled onto the outlet of the tank first.
    Then you can set the tank onto the bowl and tighten it down.

    There should be a date stamp somewhere on the inside of the tank.

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    Default Tank to Bowl

    Thank you for your reply, and yes, it probably is the hacks fault, and I hope they simply forgot to come back and tighten the deep well nuts. As long as it is not leaking and is flushing ok and after I tightened the nuts somewhat the tank seats much better, however not completely, I am going to let things sit for awhile.
    While they were at it the hacks installed one of the sliding glass doors on my tub the wrong direction, and I had to fix that also, and it leaked like a sieve too. I fixed that also, as I would rather do it myself, and if I did not have a breathing disibility, I'd have done the heavy work also.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the way the AS Champion flushes. I live in a rural area served by a Municiple Utility District (MUD), and belived me, plunging was at least a weekly chore. It looks like the Champion has taken care of that problem, and boy, I can certainly put up with the clunk and rocking tank to be able to enjoy that little benefit.
    Thanks for all your help.


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