I have been reading in this forum recently to learn as much as I can to install my own softener. I have it mostly installed just a few questions before I finish up and run it. Thank you very much for any help in advance!!

A few details :
Compensated hardness 10
4 people in house - conservative users
9x48 tank
Round 18x 33 brine tank with grid
1 cubic ft of high cap resin
.125 blfc

Using 60 gallon per day and rounding up I need about 20,000 for 8 days. Using Gary's chart I was going for 6lb salt per cubic ft and since mine is 1 cubic ft a total of 6 lb. From what I've read I will need 2 gallons of brine and with the .125 blfc I need to set BF for 16 minutes. Is that correct?

If that is correct since I have 18x33 round salt tank with grid - is 2 gallons of brine enough to go above grid? I haven't poured water in to check but it just looks like it won't be enough. Or does it not suck all brine out of tank so that the 2 gallons BF goes on top of some residual brine that will make water level go above grid. If not do I need a smaller tank? If my tank is ok how much water do I pour into tank initially?

Also could you give recommended times / settings for other regeneration steps, plus override days and reserve - I was thinking of setting for 15 percent?

Also I ran drain line, only 1/2 inch inside diam. at my lowes was braided PVC hose which tends to kind of flatten when making turns will this work ok or do I need to look elsewhere for a more ridged drain line, mine is about 10 feet long.

Also I've heard people commenting on the disadvantages of the large size/space required for for the 7000sxt and I ordered mine with the $20 manufacturers elbow kit which puts bypass vertical behind tank and it worked great - it just clears the 9 inch tank diameter.

A lot of questions I know, your help and know how is greatly appreciated?