Hello Everyone,

I am installing a corner sink vanity that I built from an old mahogany tabletop in my dining room. The plumber set up the supply lines in the wall, but the only place for the drain was to come out of the floor. The drain pipe is 1.5" PVC. The only way to swing the vanity into position around the pipes is to cut the drain pipe below the cabinet bottom height, glue a coupler into place, and then install the vanity and insert the rest of the PVC pipe through a hole in the cabinet bottom. The coupler ends up hidden in the space behind the toe kick of the cabinet.

If the PVC pipe coming up through the cabinet bottom is glued into the coupler, then the pipe would have to be cut if the vanity would ever need to be moved. I would rather not have to do that. Instead of a coupler, I could use a threaded connection on the pipe inside the toe kick and cabinet bottom area. That way, the extension into the cabinet can be removed to move the cabinet if necessary.

Is having a threaded connection inside the cabinet bottom a problem for a PVC drain pipe? Is this asking for trouble where we might not notice a leak? Could there reasonably be a code problem with having a threaded connection beneath a cabinet bottom?