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Thread: Cultured marble tub

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    Default Cultured marble tub

    ok guys, gotta good deal on a large cultured marble tub + surround from local manufacter. My first pick was a large cast iron tub but no way for me to easily move it in the house. Cultured marble man is going to install the tub and surround for me. The material looks very strong and durable.

    My question is, any experiances (good/bad) with the stuff for tubs?

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    Talking cultured marble tub

    they are ok......

    not as durable as the cast iron but youwill
    probalby get about 25 years out of one....

    some of them seem to crack and flake around the
    tub shoe drain after 10+ years.....

    but all and all they work pretty well/

    basically no differnece between them and a normal marlbe
    vanity top, some you have seen loook great and some not
    after a period of time


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