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Thread: want to replace American standard with Toto Aquia

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    Default want to replace American standard with Toto Aquia

    Toto Aquia CST414M

    I currently have an american standard plebe in each of my three bathrooms, which were installed when my house was built in 1990. I bought my house in 2001. Since I have a mound septic system, and a family of 4 soon to be 5, I want to replace all my current toilets with the Toto Aquia for the dual flush advantages. The rough in is currently 12". The detailed Aquia spec sheets show that the distance between the floor mounting bolts is 51/2". I have tried to measure the distance on my plebe and I think it is over 6". Could this be the case? Or am I just not measuring correctly? I would have thought that all toilets had a standardized distance between the floor mounting bolts. Can anyone give me any input on this?

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    It's all standard stuff for toilets.

    The Aquia installs fine with the standard 12" rough.
    The Aquia does use an elongated seat.
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    Thanks for the info. This is a great site.



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