My friend was a little lazy when putting together some ABS pipe fittings. He didn't take the item id sticker off a reducer before gluing it in place. I pointed out the potential problem that it could cause a weak weld at that point, and the weld probably isn't even complete at that place. He's not worried, but i always worry about the details. Does anyone have an idea of how big of an issue might this be? Could it prevent the piping system from passing code? Is that sticker going to break down over time and cause a leak? This particular fitting shown in the picture is a vent section, so it wouldn't cause a water leak, but possibly a very slow sewer gas leak? There was another connection of two inch pipe to three inch pipe that was a drain section... and now i'm having trouble sleeping. Should i cut this out and replace it??? Should I dig up the drain underground and check whether the sticker was left on that reducer, and replace it if it was?

Should I be worrying?