Its getting cold here in Texas. This past summer I had new furnace installed but decided to wait until the fall to have gas installed. Now its turning into winter and getting cold. I have a 2500 sq ft house with no heat and a wife that needs to be comfortable. Anyway I ramble. I just got my permit to run the gas pipe. I will be running this myself. I will be running approx 60 ft of 1 inch black pipe. My question is this. The pipe will be run in from the meter location inside an outside wall into the attic. Once in the attic it is not a straight shot 50 feet to the furnace. I have a vaulted family room in the middle. So I have two questions. 1. Should I hang the pipe from the roof joists have a straight run through the attic to the furnace? 2. Or should I begin on ceiling joists before the vaulted room then go up 4 feet and come across the vaulted ceiling joists and then back down 3 feet and across ceiling joists on the other side of the vaulted room to the furnace, always keeping the pipe laying on joists. If I should hang the pipe from the roof joists then how do I secure it. Metal strap? Or, is there something better?

Also Should I wrap threads with teflon tape and then pipe dope em or just pipe dope em.

Also, Any tips on using a Rigid pipe threader? Never used one of these before. I am renting the machine.