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Thread: Suggested Brands to replace 1977 American Standard BR Fixtures

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    Default Suggested Brands to replace 1977 American Standard BR Fixtures

    In the process of choosing new fixtures for smaller Br redo- Tub in very good condition so choosing to replace all else- Knowing old fixtures are Am.standard and that I would expect an issues with the plumbing behind the tub, husband suggests that I just replace sink faucet now & deal with tub fixtures when the master bath is redone since the baths are back to back & we can then access behind the dry wall- Question is : Is there a brand ,moen ,delta or? that would give us less headaches with valve replacement down the road when we can access the tub plumbing? I did not want to redo with Am Standard . Prefer not to do this remodel in stages but with the holidays upon us we want at least 1 bath redo. Any suggestions for I was favoring a moen fixture for style but also want the least headache with the tub fixture replacement?
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    Delta and Moen are good choices for valve replacements. both of these have been very good at customer support over the years.
    Code now requires pressure or thermal balancing, which is normally a single handle valve.

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