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Thread: Toto Guineveres Just Don't Work *Replace With Drake?

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    Default Toto Guineveres Just Don't Work *Replace With Drake?

    Arrrgh! In 2010 I replaced two Crane Drexel toilets from 1950, original equipment in my house, with two Toto Guineveres. The installation craftsmanship was top-notch (thanks, Terry & Co!) but the damn things just don't get the job done, by design. Bowl cleaning isn't just inadequate, it's nonexistent. Multiple "hold the lever down" full-tank flushes and/or a slosh of Simple Green and a scrub with the bowl brush are required each and every time, which eats up (and then some) the savings on reduced water usage. We've tried lots of tricks and tips; nothing's made them work acceptably, and my patience is past its end. I'll be taking my gripe to Toto (again) to see if they'll step up and make good on their philosophy.

    What should I seek as replacements for these Guineveres? How about Drakes, will they really be better? They seem to get good ratings and reviews for both waste removal and bowl cleaning. Does anyone (Terry?) know if they can be had in Toto's #04 grey color?

    Thanks in advance!

    Crane Drexel
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