Hi all,

This is a basic question that was probably already posted (or not because not found), but here I go.

I have a 2" driven well, PVC pipes, around 20 feet deep. I want to pour down chlorine to do a shock chlorination. But I seem to be missing something here. The pipe heads out about 1 feet overground. So I remove the cap and pour down the chlorine solution. The problem is that it fills up with less than a few cup and does not seem to go down. I guess I have a pitless adapter and it does not get pass through it and there is nothing I can do there. After many hours the chlorine will have gone "somewhere" but it never smells chlorine at the faucets. I'm even beginning to think that I am doing more harm than good with the chlorine mixture sitting there for all those hours.

By principle, when I do not find a solution on the Internet then I should not be having a problem because it does not exist.... So can somebody point me out in the right direction.