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Thread: Clogged spirovent

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    Default Clogged spirovent

    System: closed hydronic system with Buderus oil fired cast iron boiler and Buderus 50+ gal indirect hot water tank with cathodic protection (electric)

    Age: Installed new 2004

    Problem: No boiler water flowing through the 1 1/2" copper manifold.

    Description of System: Manifold feeds 4 radiant heat zones with PEX and ONIX tubing and 2 fin tubed baseboard zones. PEX is encased in the concrete basement floor. ONIX is staple up radiant heat and used to connected the fin tubing.

    Cause: 1 1/2" Spirovent screen was found to be plugged. The photos show the 1 1/2" manifold, Spirovent, Spirovent screen and water being flushed from system.

    Solution: Replaced Spriovent screen and a new head on Spirovent. Now the water is flowing through the manifold.

    Question: Why is there so much particulate matter in the boiler water? So much it plugged the Spirovent. Where is the stuff coming from and why.
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