I've got a small leak in my 1" PVC main line in my yard. The leak is at a T, and one line is coming from a PRV. That line is attached to the PRV with a union, and the other two lines attached to the T go to the house and sprinkler system. I will have to remove the entire section from the union to the T due to its short length, but how much do I need to remove from the other two lines to make an easy to manage splice? Do I make my new section of lines the exact same length as the sections I removed, or do I cut a little extra off to compensate for the lip inside the coupling? What happens if I get my measurements exact, and I am unable to push the new line far enough into the coupling to make my measurement count, and then my union doesn't line up? I'm a little stressed about getting it right since it is my main line, and my wife wouldn't be very happy if I screw it up, and we have no water. I've laid new sewer line down in the past, but I've never spliced in new sections of line. Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for any help or advice. This forum has been great!