My wife convinced me we should replace the claustrophobic troubled shower in our house. We bought this house this summer, and knew right away the shower was a problem because we could see the mold from an adjacent room, where the drywall was cut out to illustrate what a great deal the place was. For someone with deep pockets. Heh!
Right, so with the advent of the internet, so many options for the DIY seem, well, almost attainable. But which ones really are?
I have tiled before, with success. I have even plumbed before with varying degrees of success. I didn't have to call in a pro, and everything worked as it should, even passed inspections.
With that in mind, we cautiously decided we might be able to do this ourselves. And that's where we are now, having sawzalled out some stuff, and ready to really make the hard choices.
First of all, I was sold on a pre-made pan, but the dimensions don't work quite right. It leaves an odd space adjacent to a toilet, and beside the shower in a corner if we use the largest we could find. Too deep for a cabinet, and awkward to access. We think we might be able to tackle a DIY shower pan. Or can we?
It's not a lot of complicated dimensions, and there isn't much for walls, just a few. With no considerations for ADA, it should be pretty straightforward. She wants glass walls, but not all the way to the ceiling. She wants a linear drain with a single slope floor, if possible. She has picked out some huge tiles that were special order, and will be here in a few weeks, looming, reminding us that we haven't finished the walls and floor yet. Or even made a cohesive plan.
And that's what I need help with.
How do I decide what system to use? Kerdi, Webi, sheets of rubbery stuff, etc? It should be simple for the simple minded, compatible with the linear drain she wants, and not cost as much as a motorcycle. Because that's what she really wanted but is getting a shower instead.
Is there a book, youtube videos anyone would recommend to watch? Not about the motorcycle, but the mudding of the shower.