Hi all - As part of our bathroom remodel, I'm replacing our ancient Kohler low rider toilet with the Toto Drake CST454CEFG. As you can see from the picture, the current toilet front edge protrudes a bit into the door opening space and just grazes the door as it swings in.

I'm changing the door to a pocket door, but do I still have a concern with passing inspection if the Drake still sticks out? Distance from the doorway to the toilet center line is 20" in from the door opening, and the door is 28" wide. 20" in from the door, the elongated bowl of the Drake will stick out 1-1.5" into the door opening. This seems like it would be ok for walking past, especially with the pocket door - but maybe we're just used to sidestepping this monolithic Kohler.

Would this pass inspection? Or should I switch to the round bowl Drake? I'd really like to stick with the elongated bowl, but not if there's a code concern.

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