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I'm glad you got this one knocked out. Jamie has walked women through the process of checking the assembly cap on the 528 over the phone, without tools. It should take less then a minute.
Of course, with Seattle water, things come apart easier then in other parts of the country. Most of our water is from snow melt.
Thanks! The water from my well is very full of sediment. I wish I had taken advantage of the opportunity to clean the holding tank when it was empty but I couldn't get the lid off without disconnecting some electronic components and I did not want to mess with wiring (plus the original pump house collapsed and we built the new one around the well and there isn't much wiggle room). I wish I could find a lid that had a hinge to open up just part of the lid so I could look inside or get inside if need be. One thing I'm sure of is that my water is high in iron. We have several Brita filters to filter the drinking water and we fill some large bottles we got from the dollar store.

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This is how you start to get the bug. Happened to me. Congratulations on this project and we look forward to doing more with you in the future!
Thanks! My next project will likely be replacing the cartridges in my Aquasource faucet. I got it 11 years ago but the sediment is rough on plumbing parts here and the cold water lever cartridge deteriorated (for the bathroom sink). I couldn't find a phone number or website so I went to Lowes and looked at the box of a newer faucet to find the contact info. The clerk at Lowes told me that it was a lifetime warranty so we should get the part for free. We called and they are sending two cartridges (just in case) out on Monday.

My mother (I'm sort of her caretaker) also picked up a new tub spout, handles, and shower head for her bathroom. The diverter in the current tub spout is absolutely shot and the handles don't work efficiently. The entire assembly inside the wall is not secured properly, when I was trying to make the water stop dripping by turning the knob the entire assembly pulled forward. She decided to go with a cheap AquaSource thing that was about $49 so I don't know how good it will be, but its her money and its what she wanted. I just do the gruntwork. LOL. I suppose I should head over to the tub and shower section and read some posts.

If all goes as planned, I will hopefully have things fixed by the time my sister comes out to visit.