Hi - I'm installing a Toto Aquia II toilet in a washroom that I'm renovating and in order to position the toilet where I need it, I need to use two 45 degree elbows. (See picture.) I was going to use an offset toilet flange but this doesn't get me to where I need the toilet. It would work but it wouldn't be perfect. Will I have any issues with plugging/flushing with the two 45 elbows?

Two other questions:
1. Install instructions for the toilet state you can't use the toilet with a double sanitary tee / sanitary cross, and can only use the toilet with a double combination WYE / 1/8 bend. Is this true or simply a guideline??? Note: I'm going to have approximately 12" of horizontal pipe from toilet location to main stack.

2. Toilet flange: I've read too many opinions on height of toilet flange: above, below, flush, etc. I'm going to settle with my flange flush to the top of tile and at most it will be 1/8" higher than tile (and likely 1/8" lower.) Note: I live in Canada and saw that someone mentioned code is in Canada is flush or an 1/8" above.

Thank-you for your input,
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