I am going to be installing a bathtub within the next month. I am in a time crunch or else I would just being doing a cast iron tub and tile walls but the wife wants this room done before the baby is due.

This is going in the basement. I can clear a 32" wide tub and around 78" of height (left hand drain) if I yank the stairs to get it down there. There used to be a stand up shower where this unit will be going. There is a 4" cast iron drain cut flush to the floor that I will have to convert. I am guessing break up the floor in the area and convert to PVC. Will likely cut the cast behind the existing trap and transition to the PVC trap and stub up, then align properly for tub drain. Please correct me if I am incorrect.

I have installed a number of tubs i the past (I am a commercial electrician and residential HVAC Tech/installer by trade, not a plumber) but as stated all have been cast iron with a tile surround so I am a bit lost on what brands make a high quality one piece unit.

If there are no one piece units that will fit my needs then I will likely go with a cast iron tube and a single piece surround. Seams look cheap in my eyes and just a are a place for a possible failure.

Please list units that are of solid construction and that you would be proud of in your own home. There does not seem to be all that many one piece units that are made, the reviews I have seen so far are less than promising but could be due to poor installs.

I know there have been advances in products in the recent years so just looking for some plumbers experiences.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

If I missed any vital information needed for a recommendation please let me know.