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Thread: Tub on subfloor?

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    Default Tub on subfloor?

    I'm installing a new bathtub with apron (probably americast), we have a 3/4" subfloor (old tub was installed on that).

    My plan is to add 3/8" underlayment grade plywood, ditra and tile.

    As far as I can tell, I should put the tub in and then butt the 3/8 underlayment to to tub apron and proceed with ditra and tile.

    Is this the best way to approach the job?

    Also, the toilet flange should sit on top of the tile, right? So I should leave the pipe roughed in and cut it flush to the final level of the tile and then install the closet flange after the floor tile work is complete. I have a 3" PVC pipe to work with. My plan is to get a PVC flange that fits over the exterior of the 3" pipe with a metal ring attached. Is that going to produce the best results?

    I've also framed in backing for shower curtain rod mounts to the wall. Is there anything else I should be doing to prep for the tub install?

    Thank you,

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