It looks like they all want to plaster their name all over it. I've seen some folk install white house wrap reversed but the printing still shows through.

I'm looking to an alternate use where it won't be covered by siding and so trying to find some that has nothing printed on either side. I have seen some dull grey house wrap in my travels that didn't have any printing showing but don't know if they simply reversed it or not.

I have a screened in gazebo that I'd like to wrap up for the Winter so that snow doesn't drift into it. I don't want to use plastic because it doesn't breathe. My first thought is that white would blend in with the snow yet allow light into the gazebo. The cedar gazebo is stained grey so grey might be a better choice even if it didn't allow as much light through. I also have a lattice screened woodshed in the same colour that I have a problem with snow drifting in.

I've seen shiny silver foil lined stuff but that would stand out way too much. Anyone know of unprinted tyvek house wrap and if so, what brand and who sells it?