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Thread: Simple answer is needed for no hot water

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    Default Simple answer is needed for no hot water


    I think it shall be pretty simple for somebody to answer question below.
    I'm homeowner and moved into new house which was inspected prior to move in. It was indicated that there is no issues with plumbing.
    When we moved we found that no hot water was produced, I went upstairs and light would not stay on in any of the units for more then 5 mins (it'll die out on it's own). I called plumber he told me that both gas control valved needed to be replaced, which he did and it did in fact fixed the issue.
    Inspector made a statement below which I want to know your professional opinion on. Does below is actually true if gas control valves were not working properly and the rest of system worked fine (there were no leaks in system, if I opened "hot water" tap then water would flow but just would not be hot)

    During the time of our inspection, all fixtures were
    producing hot water. One of the important parts of our inspection is to
    make sure that hot and cold water spouts are not reversed as a safety
    measure. To do this there had to be hot water.
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