I feel pretty dumb right now but I am really hoping that this helps anybody regardless of who you voted for!!!! We just bought a house and everything these people who sold did, they did top notch. To my dismay when I went to turn on the water in the guest bathroom; I turned on the left hand faucet and got cold water. When I turned on the right hand faucet NOTHING!!!! I panicked a little because with just moving we are a bit tight and plumbers can be expensive. I explained to my wife that I would cut the water supply to the house and disemble the faucet on the right side to see if some mineral deposit or something was keeping water from coming out. Well when I looked closely at the handle it says hot and the top and cold to the lower. So I turned on the left handle and then turned "on" the right and to my pleasent surprise the handle on the right is a thermostadt to some degree not a separate hot or cold source. So if you turn on one knob and get cold or hot and when you try the other you get nothing don't panic, give a closer look and hopefully you have the same set up. I had just never seen this type before! Happy baths to you all.