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Hi Gary, I prefer to keep the valves the same for both for ease of operation and maintenance. Since i'm looking at a carbon unit that's a 12x48" tank, I can't put a 5600 on it. Therefore, I've selected the 7000 for both GAC and softener.

Thank you for the help!
If I were you (or anyone else) I wouldn't be removing the chlorine on a POE/whole house basis, I'd remove it at the kitchen sink with an undercounter filter and at the shower head with a shower head filter.

Doing it that way saves a bunch of bucks and allows the chlorine to protect your water from bacteria due to contaminated faucet tips etc. which can be fairly common with young kids, or cats that get up on sink counters and/or in tubs.

A true 2.0 cuft tank is a 12" x 52" or you don't get proper (50%) bed expansion during backwash.