We're in the beginning stages of three simultaneous bathroom remodeling projects. It's quite overwhelming, but for now my focus is on a powder room which my plumber says is the smallest powder room he's ever seen. It measures 43" x 51". We've found a small pedestal sink that will fit in okay, so the remaining (and bigger) challenge is finding the best toilet option.

I've been considering Kohler's Santa Rosa Compact Elongated toilet, and I'd like to know if this is a good choice. The toilet is on the longer wall, which means that there's only 43" between the back wall and the opposite wall. The toilet is 27.5". I know that doesn't leave a whole lot of "knee room" but that's what I have to work with. Is the Santa Rosa a good quality toilet? And, is there another toilet I ought to consider?

One more thing -- the flooring in that powder room will be pre-finished hardwood. Do I need to be concerned about condensation from the tank ruining the floor? Thanks for your advice!