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Thread: Switching Toto Washlet S350e and S300

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    Default Switching Toto Washlet S350e and S300

    Hi - I have 2 washlets: an S350e installed on a Geberit concealed tank (a 111.335.00.5)/Toto Aquia wall-hung toilet and an S300 on an Aquia II Toto dual-flush toilet. I'd like to exchange them and move the S300 to the Geberit and the S350e to the Aquia II. They were plumber-installed, however if it's fairly simple, I'd like to try to do this myself; otherwise I'll call a plumber in.

    My concern is that the water supply connectors are very different. Do I need to purchase and install new adaptors for each?

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    The supply pipe may just be identical coming out of the wall, if so, then a swap should be easy. Without ever having worked on one, though, this is an educated guess. The instructions (available on-line, if you don't have them) should tell you the answer.
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