Can someone please help me with the installation of a Kohler mistos shower/bath unit? I now have the drywall installed and stressing that I do not have it installed correctly. My next step would be installing the tile.

I am using a Kohler Mistos K-R37028-4-CP:

I tried to install the faucet deeper in the wall but the wall seemed pretty shallow. It was the deepest I could install it and still fasten down the pipes.

The distance from the center of the copper water pipe to the edge of the drywall is 2-5/8. The distance from the center of the pipe to the outside edge of the plastic frame is 2-3/4. The outside edge of the plastic is sticking out from the wall by 1/8th.

Am I in trouble? I was thinking of cutting back the plastic ring by 1/2inch, then putting the tile on closer to the center. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Trevor.

Rough in guide:

Install guide part 1:

Install guide part 2:

The green stuff is a water proof sealer I painted on.

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