hahaha, agreed. And you are correct, the vortech one is obviously "emphasized for affect". Watts used to carry a clear tank for demo purposes, but it was so boring and overdone at the trade shows that Watts stopped carrying the product.

Now when people want a clear demo, I recommend they make it themselves out of clear PVC. When they see how expensive it is too make, it rarely gets done.

The clear demos all use flat tops and bottoms. The lack of a dome makes the actual data useless.

I am taking a break from water later this week, my daughter and I have lots of hockey practice, and we are in a parade with my Jeep. "BTW, proud dad moment and some bragging! My 7 year old daughters 8U Lady Reign team beat the Aliso Viejo boys team last weekend, 2-1, and my daughter had the game winning goal!"

We have won the main award for the parade 3 years in a row, gonna try to win again. I will have the new display on my youtube channel in a week with any luck. We will be in the Wrightwood parade of lights if anyone in the Southern California area is bored on November 24th.

ByteMe, I admit water treatment is exciting and fun, but like Tom said...