Hello, I am going to hire a plumber to update my house's plumbing and would like your advice on what would be the best materials and type of equipment as I am ready to update the entire house's plumbing.

Here's what I have now...
- The house was built in 1973 and plumbed with 3/4 and 1/2 copper.
- I'm in Northern Virginia
- I have a well and septic with high iron in our water.
- The water softener was installed when I bought the house in 1999.
It's got mechanical heads on these, and they don't have any iron removing filters, I just use the salt that is made for high iron.
- I have a very large pressure tank.
- The well pump was replaced a couple of years ago with a constant pressure pump.
But it never got the computer controls or anything installed for it. So not sure if I should install those things now to allow a smaller pressure tank. The P-tank I have now is twice the diameter of my water heater. It's huge.
- My water heater is electric, and made in 2005. It is a cheap one, nothing special about it.
I would love to do the water heater where it can take advantage of the sun's energy by heating water on the roof. But not sure if those systems are worth the price.

I also read a lot of good things about PEX, but the plumbers I've spoken to don't touch the stuff.
The plumber who has done other work in my home and done a good job recommends CPVC for the pipes.

Any advice you have, or do's and dont's, things to look for in water heaters, piping, softners, etc would be much appreciated.

- Brian