I put together 3 plumbing product forms to help you save time. The forms cover basic ABS/PEX rough-in to finishing parts youíre going to need, while also making sure your employees havenít missed anything upon finishing.

1. ABS/PEX Rough-In Fitting Form - Click Here:Fittings.pdf
With this ABS/PEX rough-in form you can bring it to your job site and all you have to do when writing up your list, is in the empty boxes before the product descriptions fill in the quantity of how many you require. This will also help with making sure there is minimal mistakes with your wholesale counter person by not getting anything lost in verbal translation

2. Finishing Product Form - Click Here:Finishings.pdf
This finishing form covers most of the fittings youíre going to need for installing the toilets, bathroom sinks and faucets, kitchen fixtures and the hot water tank.

3. Job Checklist - Click Here:Checklist.pdf
The job checklist I made is very basic but it can really help when making sure everything is done and not missed. Itís 13 common things that need to be done before calling the job finished. Line 2 may not be required in your area but where Iím from (Victoria, BC) it is code.