looking up stuff,,, thing a maaa jiggy is just not cutting it... i want the holding tank with a pump to get the sewage UP to the sewer line...also am looking for a diagram to ... well start at the east with a shower, then stool then lavatory/sink then to holding tank and out...
yea some one asked me what a lavatory was... ended that discussion pretty fast.
on the floor above this hoping to put in a handicap shower... gonna need info on that
printed off what my washer needs to look like before the pllumbing gets sheet rocked...
gutted an area to put the masterbath in so i am gonna need some reall help..
saw that the correct size drain for the washer to use is 2 inch?? i have 1 1/2 " can i leave it or scrap? since i am gonna be tieing all this together.... and sweat equity is what i plan... that plumer said $10,000 and i asked him for a materials list... have not gotten one yet
framing in another 36" door today... think i am ready to put down the plywood where the shower goes..
just pick... i will figure out where to save ... print... look... thanks