I'm thinking of changing the direction of the drain pipes in the master bath area of our house remodel.
We had to replace the slab on grade in this house because it was severely cracked due to expanding soils.
We are replacing all the old cast iron with PVC. The lower portion of the drains were severely corroded and cracked.
Here is the proposed change of direction in order to get the toilet vented without any fixture in between the toilet and the vent. (IPC)
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The vanity is between the toilet and the shower on the other side of the vent which will be incorporated into the shower wall. Here is one proposed method of connecting the vanity (into the vent?)
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I think we need to run another 2" line from the vanity to the main drain to avoid wet venting the toilet vent. I can still bring the vent up from the rear of the vanity to the main 2" vent but run the drain at a diagonal across to the main drain.
The tub will be across from the toilet and the vanity, and we could combine the vanity drain and the tub drain on one 45 degree v connection to the main drain and then vent the tub up to the ceiling and over to the main vent.
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Any issues with this plan? Thanks...