I am trying to revive a shallow well on my property that's been dormant for 10 years. This well is 20' deep & has 10' of water in it. The 1 1/2 " underground pipe from the well to the house looks like "swiss cheese". This pipe is about 4 feet down in the ground. To keep from digging up the old pipe, I was able to push a 1/2" plastic pipe through this old underground pipe from the well to the foundation of the house. About 16 feet. From there it goes about 18 feet to the new pump in the basement. I now have 1 inch plastic pipe from the new pump going approx. 18 feet to 1/2 inch plastic pipe going underground (through that old pipe) to the "down pipe" in the well which goes back to 1 inch plastic pipe down to a new foot valve about 15 down. I've tried prime this pump but it still won't pump any water. Is going from 1 inch pipe at the pump, to 1/2 inch pipe underground, back to 1 inch pipe in the well my problem? I'm not sure how water well pumps behave when the pipe sizes change like this. Please advise. Thanks.