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Thread: How do I hook up a Goulds 3/4 hp deep well jet pump with cross and control valve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schimko View Post
    So I have a J7 3/4 hp Goulds pump. They also sold me the control valve and the cross piece. We had guessed at this with our first shot and think we had too much pressure going down my casing therefore blowing off my leathers. I read the pump book again today for the 5th time and have come to realize that I need to run my pressure switch off this control valve, which we did not do the first time. The pump book says it should have like 32 psi going down the casing. That seems easy enough to do. My question is how do the pipes run? Like from the cross to the tank to the control valve, or from the cross to the pump to the control valve? I have 3 holes on my pump. The one on top I believe is my main water line and the other 2 are for discharge? The hole in the middle is 1 1/4" and the bottom hole is 1" i believe. Can someone PLEASE help before it starts to freeze my dirt so I cant shovel it back into the hole?

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    Why is there a tee in the Jet drive line ? Are you using it as a output ?

    Seems like it should be on the pump outlet, Or am I missing something ?

    if it was really "blowing off my leathers" then that must be a site to see. Please post pictures.
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