So this Saturday I decided to clean my brine tank after seeing stranded murky water in the brine tank. I put the system on bypass, removed the power on the system and got on with the clean up. I took apart the brine tank and just jumped whatever it had (powdered salt, murky water etc). Washed it, wiped it down, put it back together, put new bags (about 5 bags) or morton salt, put the power back on, put it back in service mode, put it on regenerate mode and then ran the water inside for about 15 minutes.

I've noticed though that since cleaning it, I no longer get that soft water. Before I left for work today I put it in regenerate mode again and will check if it changes anything.

Could I have broken anything with my system? How long should it really take for me to enjoy the softened water again? In the first place, why was there stuck up, murky water and powdered salt in the brine tank? The house was empty for a good 2 years before we moved in recently. Please advise. Thanks!

BTW the system is New Age which was probably installed back in 94 when the house was built.