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Thread: Adapting deck-mount tub faucet to wall-mount

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    Default Adapting deck-mount tub faucet to wall-mount

    I’d like to install the faucets and faucet valves from a deck-mount roman tub faucet, in a wall-mount configuration, and pair them with a wall mounted spout. I welcome any problems people identify with the proposed solution, and I have some questions at the end.

    First, why am I considering a crazy mish-mash thing like this? I like the handle style of a Danze roman tub faucet trim, but would prefer to have faucets and spout wall-mounted mounted for style reasons and because I don’t think I have room for a deck at the end or side of the tub (alcove installation, integral apron).

    I’d use the faucets from the roman tub faucet trim, and the faucet valves from the Danze valve that pairs with the trim, the D215000BT (picture below, and at http://www.danze.com/widespread-roma...hower/d215000/).
    I’d plan to discard the deck-mount spout, and use a separate wall-mount tub spout with standard ½” slip fit connection. If there’s an easy way to adapt the spout valve output to connect to the ½” slip fit spout, that would be great, but I assume there isn’t, so I would plan to discard the spout valve also and implement its function out of discrete pieces (anti-scald valve to provide protection on the hot side, any necessary check valves). I won’t be adding a (hand-held) shower, so there’s no diverter anywhere.

    I assumed I could set some ¾” plywood (or even a 2x4) aligned with the face of the studs to make a vertical “deck” through which the valves would be installed.

    The part I’m unsure about is how to fit the piping to the valves in a 2x6 (or maybe 2x4?) wall. The wall is being built as part of a remodel, so there's flexibility in the stud size, but I'd like to avoid a 2x10 wall just to fit valves in sideways... There’s about 7” of the valve assembly that would be below the deck in a deck-mount installation, of which I estimate roughly 3.5” is the valve body, and about 3.5” is pipes attached to the valves (I haven’t bought any of the parts - this is based on Danze’s valve spec sheet). I would need to turn the pipes feeding the handle valves at right angles to the valves so they would fit in a wall cavity, and feed the valves in their new orientation, sticking out of the wall instead of a deck. What’s the best way to do that - bend the pipes attached to the valve body? Cut off what’s there and solder on 90 degree elbows? One pipe attached to the handle valve looks like copper, which I assume could be bent carefully, but one pipe doesn’t look like copper (is it brass?) - how would it bend? Is there a possible solution to get a 90 degree turn in there with minimum depth? Is there an easy solution to get a 90 degree turn in there?

    Of course, there are other options, like finding a wall-mount tub faucet/spout in a style I like, or trying to create a deck to mount it on. I could have a niche and mount the faucets/valves in their intended vertical orientation in the bottom of the niche (and deal with leaks too?). But where’s the fun in that! I know doing something like this makes maintenance or replacement a chore, but there will be easy access to the wall behind the valve if access is needed in the future.
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