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Thread: spilled coffee under laptop

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    Default spilled coffee under laptop

    i am now typing from the on screen keyboard, lol, which is kind of small and not fun. i tried removing some of the keys which won't work, and cleaned them, but, to no avail, no dice. good thing i bought my younger son a new lap top, just the other day, because this is his old one. i am hard on lap tops because i do alot of work on them, if it was a car, i would put 200,000 mile on it yearly. any suggestions to fixing this... when my older son has time i will have him look at it, but, he is so busy with work, and kids, i hate to impose.

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    Well, since no one answered I kind of figured no one knew what to do, but, I fixed this computer. It took some time, taking off the keys, cleaning it, and, then putting it back together! But, with the exception of a few extra parts, ( only kidding) lol, it works great. The A key, I can't seem to get back on, but, the others work great. So, if anyone else spills something under their computer, it can be done, not fried. Only thing, like I said, and I can't repeat enough, it is time consuming.

    I used a shop vac to blow air through it, and, I think, that might had helped. This is really a tough job to do. Not for the faint of heart either, once, you see all the parts laying there, with only a guess of putting it back together. lol. Now, ready for the next 100,000!
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    I got to share with you all something that works perfectly if you need to fix a key which you snapped off underneath and can't be fixed. Meaning, you can use the key but, you can't get the letter tile to stick back on, making typing abnormal ... well, i got a quick fix. I don't know how many of you ever disassembled your laptop but, underneath the key is a little black suction cup thing, well, i cut out a piece of industrial velcro into the size of the letter tile or key, put the little black suction thing underneath and pressed down, results are, it works perfectly! I will demonstrate my A letter:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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    great idea!

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    I remember Taylor saying he did something like that to his laptop. He said it was a lot of things to keep track of.

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    Happenes a lot at work....with even worse liquids than coffee! A replacement keyboard is cheaper than most think: $10- 30$ usually. Simple to change. Old one (once removed) can be dunked in bucket of mild dish soap....cleaned then clean water and swooshed around.. repeat rince.... then blown dry with compressed air (carefull with pressure or keys will fly off) + left to fully dry a few days in a dry place....usually will work perfect afterwards. If it doesn't the keys and "hinge" underneath can be used for spares.

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