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Glad to hear you have those fittings.

When you are ready to turn the water on, have the control valve in backwash and turn on the water about a 1/4 flow until it starts going out the drain line. Then open it up watching the water for color or resin. If color open it full open but shut it down some if you get resin. Run it until any color disappears then step the control through the cycles to Service and run water a tub to flush the lines.

You need to program the control valve based on your hardness etc. and how much water you use per day.

BTW, you solder those fittings on the plumbing without them connected to the by pass or control valve. Otherwise you melt plastic...

You need to add like 5 gallons of water to the brine tank before adding salt. And I suggest keeping the salt level about half full instead of filling the tank and then if there is a problem you have to remove salt to be able to work on it. It also helps prevent running out of salt if you check the level more frequently than not.
Ok Gary.

I actually hacked the piping down below far from the inlet and outlet at the valve, so I won't have to worry about anything melting.

Is there a manual available to assist me in the programming of the control valve?

And finally how do I know if the tank requires resin, or should I replace it since the tanks have not been services in about 3 years and been out of use for over a year?

Thanks Gary, I appreciate the information.