While attempting to hang a shelf in my basement, I mistakenly drilled two 1/8" holes in the PVC discharge pipe of my sump pump. My basement is finished with drywall and the discharge pipe is hidden behind the drywall. The section that I drilled the holes into is a vertical section of the PVC pipe and the two holes are 3.5' apart. The first hole is 3.5' off the ground and the second hole is 7' off the ground. I have read a handful of approaches to resolve my problem. A few examples include:

- cutting out the 3.5' section of PVC pipe between the holes and replacing it with new PVC pipe/couplings
- cutting out 6" sections around each hole and adding a PVC coupling
- plug hole using either clear silicone caulk or epoxy
- plug hole with a screw whose diameter is slightly wider than 1/8" (size of hole) and slightly longer than the thickness of the PVC pipe. Use a rubber washer on the inside of the screw head, apply epoxy to the screw, and screw into the hole.

This will be my first plumbing experience (first time home owner), so all of your help is greatly appreciated.

Note: I would prefer to minimize the amount of drywall that I will be cutting and replacing if possible.