Hello to all and appreciate the feedback/advice ... great forum !

Here is what I am looking to achieve..

We have a Kohler Archer #1123 drop in tub I purchased for another bathroom that went unused .. I now have a guest bathroom and would like to use this tub in an Alcove setting even though it is a drop in tub. I know that is not ideal but it has been done.

The problem is the tub setting, I tried to set the tub this weekend in Mortar and realized the floor is uneven just enough that the tub would rock with minimal pressure so I ripped it all out and am going for round 2 ..

The tub can be set in mortar or you can use construction adhesive on the leveling blocks.

Here is my plan for round 2 and would like any thoughts:

1. Dry install the tub and shim to level
2. Secure shims via adhesive
3. Apply one larger 3" high pile of mortar to the dead center of where tub will go
4. Apply construction adhesive on the 4 blocks
5. set the tub, level and leave it alone

I have read a few posts on using one method or the other (CA vs. Mortar) but have not seen any where both is used ..

The goal on my end would be
1. Support for under the tub and soundproofing (mortar)
2. Tub locked down for no movement (CAdhesive)

Any thoughts here?

Also, since this tub does not use ledgers around the outside and I will be tiling over the lip, why would I not apply CAdhesive to where the tub and 3 walls meet in order to secure that area down as well to prevent any flexing ?

THanks again.