I have a very slow leak in the shower pan of a tile shower. I noticed a very slight water spot on the ceiling below the shower and when I pushed on it the drywall broke. Here are some pictures of the nice stalactite that has formed over the years. The shower is 28 years old and I really do not want to have to re-do the complete shower myself, I would have to hire a tile person for that. But, I think I could handle removing the tile to a certain height and just replace the bed. The tile is just white, the new would probably look different but at this point I do not care.


I also noticed that the mortar has filled the weep holes in the drain, and it seems to be draining as it is always wet. I have not showered in three days and it still is dripping every so often from the stalactite. About three drops a day, so I guess the mortar is saturated with water and will drip for a while. From the pictures there is no leak at the drain. I am concerned about no trap here, it must be on the other side of the joist, as I do see water down in the 90 degree. Never had a sewer gas problem. I see no leak in the water supply to the shower and opening up the shower faucet, everything back in there is bone dry. And no water coming down the supply pipes going up threw the floor.

So, re-tile the whole thing or try a patch job?

Thanks, Tom