Hello again,

Last spring I had we purchased a house in MA. Our well water was lab tested with the following results:

Coliform negative
ph: 7.11
Sodium 38 mg/l
Total Iron .41 mg/l
Manganese .12 mg/l
Total Hardness 277 mg/l
Alkalinity 147 mg/l
Chloride 115
Turbidity 7.1
Free CO2 92 mg/l

The valve on the 12 year old softener in place was no longer working correctly so based on input here we purchased a 1.5 cubic foot unit with a 5600SXT 1/2" valve. My current settings are:

C / 36
H /20
SF / 20
DO / 10
RT / 2:00
BW / 10 min
BD / 60 min
RR /10 min
BF / 8 min with .5 valve

We have four people living at the house and are using a total of 200 gallons per day on average.

The problem I continue to see is that frequently on the morning after a regeneration cycle we will get light brown water. If I run the tub for 5-10 minutes or so it usually goes away but if I'm not first up, my wife is not happy. Once we run maybe 50 -100 gallons, everything is fine until the next regeneration 6-7 days later.

Any thoughts what is going on and how I can fix the problem?