Well, way past time actually.
Over the last decade, I have repaired numerous pinholes in copper pipe, replaced a new bock indirect heater (coiled corroded causing potable water to pressurize the boiler). Replaced that with a different indirect which has a replaceable coil. Well, that coil is stil perfect, but the tank itself is leaking somewhere, slowly.

I have decided to buy an electric water heater as I believe with the cost of oil, going to electric so I don't have to run the boiler all year probably makes sense.

Anyway, I did have a water test done a number of years ago. My water is hard and acidic, so I need a softener and neutralizer. I went by lowes and HD. neither had a neutralizer or anyone working there with a clue. yeah, big surprise there.

Went to sears. The guy there seemed to think that sears no longer sold a neutralizer. Their website says otherwise. he recommended I go ahead and install the softener, then check the water and go from there. Research I have done on the web, says this ain't such a good idea because the softener will not work well on acidic water and that I needed to have the neutralizer in place ahead of the softener.

I am handy and am a fan of buying stuff used for pennies on the dollar through CL.

Can I do this? Should I just bite the bullet and my checkbook and hire a pro?

Ideally, I wouldn't mind paying someone a consultation fee and do the work myself.

Any recommendations appreciated.