Ok one of the last things i need help with is the towel bar in the master bath. I had a plumber help me set up the entire radiant system. i have a loops (zones) for bedroom, bathroom, towel bar, and attic (not used att). My problem is that we didn't do anything to measure the heat on the towel bar. it didn't come with any type of thermostat. dont know if that is normal? Anyways my friend plumber who helped with the install said all we could do was use a battery operated thermostat. So here is my question: i have one yellow wire from the electronic mixing valve to attach to the thermostat. where does it go? to the heating power supply or the heating signal? so the idea was to use the battery operated thermostat as a time to open the valve in the mornings to allow the towles to heat. understanding that the towel bar coulnt' get any hotter then the water that was going to the bathroom floor. does any of this make sense? do i have any other options as to how to make the towel bar work? Dan on Long Island thanks