My 4" submersible pump froze up and being on low income, all I could find were very expensive replacements or replacements for a couple hundred dollars that I was afraid were too cheap/wouldn't last, compared to th 5 and $600 models. I can only hope I was right about that.

So, downgraded to an above ground 3/4 hp deep well jet pump with the 1" and 1 1/4" ridged pipe ( I used the existing 1" and ran a new 1" 1/4" along side for a 2 pipe deep well jet system. Working by myself, I dropped it all (oh, what a wonderful feeling that is) just as I was finishing up so, there is around 50" of 1' and, say 57" of 1 1/4" pipe down there now. This was 3 or 4 weeks ago.

As a side note: When I first dropped it, I could hear bubbles so I had assumed it was under water but as I tried to fish it out, it apparently is not (no water on the pole as I touched it. We had had a lot of rain this summer and it stopped just as I started working on the well so, not sure if the water level dropped or not, leaving the top of the pipe above water level now. I only mention the levels as it may be significant for a few reasons.

I read this forum on fishing it out and I may try more but lets just assume I can't get it out for now and I can't really can get it done professionally so, it has to stay.

I wanted to use the poly pipe for easier installation by one man but since I had some pvc from the old unit, it was less expensive to go that route. I now see from this site, Poly is fine to use for this, right? or is that not ok for a jet pump and only submersibles? Even if it's not the perfect way to do it, since it's a one man installation, I'm hoping I can get away with it but, need to be sure it'll work for plan B.

Main concern, I'm not going to be able to get the ejector past the other pipes in the 4" well, right? And the best I can hope for is to get the polypipe 2 pipe system with the ejector, down to the other dropped pipe and then go with a single drop pipe to 25' beyond that. Is that correct?

I'm afraid if it were possible to use smaller 2 pipes to get by the old pipe, I'm already pushing the limits with this 3/4hp pump and that won't work either. Or I'm pushing the limits already.

Am I going to get even a decent water pressure with this 3/4hp pump as that will put everything about 20 to 25' below water level and about 60' total in my approximately 85' deep well?

I've other questions but, I'll just stop there for now, see what I end up needing and any help or corrections you can throw at me would be much appreciated. I don't want to muck this one up.

Not sure the exact water level now, I can check tomorrow though. I'd guess it's at roughly 40 - 45'