I'm in the process of installing a Sterling tub and surround. The tub is ready to go in but I'm having issues.
In dry fitting the tub I found one corner slightly off level and should be raised a little. The back length is perfect
and the other end is good. I am planning to use a morter bed and that is where the problem comes in. In my
way of thinking, since you can't shim after the tub is in, I thought I would locate all the tub legs on the floor
then add appropriate shims at the low legs and try to equal them out over the course of the tub length then add
the morter and set the tub, avoiding the area where the legs would sit. Thus ending up with all legs sitting firmly
on the floor, some with shims, and the morter would fill in all the undertub voids thus providing a stable tub base.
Is this over the top or am I going about this the wrong way?
Thanks for your help.